Stuart VanBoening began his aerial application career with Wallace Flying Service in 1981, spraying until he purchased the business in 2004 and changed the name to Wallace Aviation, Inc.  He continued to spray through the 2009 season when he moved into a “management position”.  His wife, Lea, and daughter, Jennifer, round out the office crew.  Jennifer is the voice on the phone while Lea manages operations and cleans the bathroom.  Throughout the season our number grows as we add two additional pilots and ground help as needed.

Wallace Aviation utilizes three aircraft known as Ag-Cat Super 600’s to apply insecticides, herbicides, fertilizer, and fungicides for the farmers of Wallace and the surrounding area.  We work hard at staying up to date on technology, chemicals, and pests.  Our pilots participate in yearly continuing education and are members of the state and national trade association groups.
Our Mission Statement:  To partner with the agricultural producers of our area by providing them with timely, efficient, and economical chemical application services.  Our top priority in all aspects of our business is the safety of our crew and our customers!


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